What is String Art?

Our String Art is created with no nails or boards. We use 8" x 8" hard stock; black on one side and white with a printed pattern on the other.

Our string art kits are complete! Sold in kits EACH KIT contains:
  • An instruction book
  • 15 cards duplex (black on one side; white with pattern on the other)
  • 4 fluorescent bobbins of thread, one of each color: green, red, orange, and yellow
  • A push pin (used to punch out the holes in the cards)
  • One needle for the sewing of the design 15 Different Designs may be created from EACH of our THREE kits, Circles, Hexagons, and Squares, totaling 45 different designs (15 circle; 15 hexagon; 15 square).
There are three patterns (circle, hexagon, square), and one pattern with numbers is printed on each card. From each pattern you are able to create 15 different designs. Our instruction booklets explain and give detailed instructions for 45 different designs. The instruction book details each design telling you which holes to punch out of the card, then explains how to sew the pattern.

Our kits are for 3rd grade and up!

Here's a video for regarding our Square Designs using Ordered Pairs: